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Access Now

ACCESSnow is a solution that enables you to grant businesses, organizations and consumers access to your digital content in a highly advanced way.

ACCESSnow offers flexible customer registration, access to, and licensing of digital products and services. ACCESSnow enables you to safely manage the access for your clients.

The ACCESSnow-module consists of the following components: Authorisatie, Authenticatie, Abonnementen.


Both in a Business-to-Business (B2B), and a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) environment a good definition of roles and responsibilities is imperative. With the component Authorization roles, users and user groups can be created. Per user roles can be clearly defined, e.g.: sales employee, department manager and assistant department manager. Per role, user or user group rights can be assigned, for instance: channel manager, content editor, order manager, replication manager.


When you decide to offer products and services online, protecting your intellectual property should be high on your agenda, assuring only authorized users will be granted access. The ESDNOW authentication platform is identical to the national authentication platform that is used by the government, higher education, the public and commercial sector.


Multiple authentication methods like password authentication (Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS), but also SMS authentication (SMS AuthSP)
Database backend support
Authentication of users of other organizations
Can be used in a multi-federation environment, even though the individual organizations have no direct relationship
Attributes and policies
Platform independent

Subscription Management

One of the most significant components of the ESDNOW e-commerce platform is the ability to offer subscriptions.

A subscription grants access to a service, software or any other form of content for a limited period of time. This includes access to bundled services, software or content with a flexible pricing model.

Naturally, subscription renewal is one of the features. ‘Pay As You Go’ and ‘Pay Per Use’ are our motto. Of course the component Subscription Management is tightly integrated with the other modules: COMMERCEnow, DELIVERnow and REPORTnow.

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