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Commerce Now

With COMMERCEnow ESDNOW offers you full service e-commerce. This module is robust and scalable and has a wide range of possibilities. Basis of the COMMERCEnow module is a high-end, safe and user friendly shop.

Consumers appreciate quality and professionalism; after a good buying experience consumers are more likely to return and notify others of your shop.

With this module you don’t have large upfront investments or long implementation times. Hosting, server load, management, maintenance, uptime and hard- and software expenses are no longer your problem. ESDNOW will take care of everything.

The COMMERCEnow-modules consists of the following components: Order Management, Marketing Tools, Transactions, Billing, Content Management, Catalogue and Product Management.

Order Management

Consumers don’t want complicated ordering procedures, but simplicity and convenience. Order Management is what you need to simplify the ordering process.

Consumers and associates have total control before, during and after ordering. The end-users, as well as your own employees are offered a large variety of search, ordering and registration options.

It gives you, your customers and affiliates the possibility to place orders, manage repeat orders, make quotations and view and examine the status of orders. In addition there’s a powerful search engine, and the option to present product information in several languages and currencies.

Order Management offers you:

Simple ordering procedures
Order processing and routing
Search engine and product comparison

Marketing Tools

The COMMERCEnow module offers you a big selection of useful tools to bring your products and/or services to the attention of the buyer. A few of these Marketing Tools are:

Affiliate selling
Flexible product placement


We can offer the end-user various payment methods like online credit card payment, online banking, wire transfer and purchase order.

Some of the credit cards accepted by us are:

Diners Club
American Express

Within the Benelux payment via internet banking is currently available through iDEAL for clients of the following banks:


Please inquire about the payment options for your distribution area.

Other possibilities the component Transactions offers are: VAT clearance for your B2B affairs and country and IP address verification to define your distribution area and prevent fraud. At your request any other payment method can be implemented.


The COMMERCEnow module is equipped with a powerful billing solution that also supports recurring billing.

At your request the e-commerce platform can be connected to your back office or ERP system for the financial and logistic handling of orders and shipments.

Content Management

Content Management enables the import and editing of (product) information. Design and content can be managed strictly separated. Flexible access management takes care of the distribution of rights, roles and tasks.

Flexible content management, including keywords and metadata
Flexible management of multiple e-commerce shops
Version management
Separation of templates and design from content
Access management and task management

Content management is a time consuming task, especially when no-one in your organization has any experience with it. ESDNOW gives you the option to outsource your content management. You only need to provide the necessary information, like text, images and digital content; our professionals make sure the information will be placed in your shop.

Catalogue and Product Management

For the categorization of your products, ready-made category classifications are available.

The ESDNOW COMMERCEnow module supports the international classification standards eCl@ss and UN/SPSC. Of course you may customize these ready-made category classifications to your own needs or create completely new categories from scratch.

If required, catalogues can be shared with one or more partner sites.

This is the information you can manage:

General product information
Product attributes (standard or customized attributes), e.g. product descriptions and specifications in another language
Predefined category classifications (eCl@ss and UN/SPSC standards)
Attachments: product specifications, manuals or brochures
Bundles and retail sets
Links to content elsewhere, or to other products, ideal for up- and cross-selling
Substitute products (replacing a sold out item)
Search products
Product sales history
Import and export of products, product descriptions and other information
Content syndication: availability through various channels

Why choose ESDNOW?

The solutions that ESDNOW presents are interesting to any party that wants to offer digital content to its customers. Do you want to know what we can do for you?

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